Let Integrity Lead

The Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa (ALI-EA) is committed to identifying, strengthening and motivating East Africa Fellows of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Inspired by the Henry Crown Fellowship, our program is modeled to equip and develop leaders who can address today’s foremost challenges in their communities. Our mission is clear: cultivate the next generation of value-driven African leaders. Leaders who guide with wisdom, foster innovation, and champion integrity. As a Pan-African initiative, we hold the strong view that Africa’s future lies in the investment and development of effective, value-based and enlightened leaders.

Our Programmes

The ALI-EA Fellowship

We believe that if Africa is to reclaim its former glory, our leaders need to be continually developed, and enlightened to address the many challenges of Africa with integrity and courage. We see the ALI – EA Fellowship program as the starting point of this journey.


Emerging Leaders Programme in partnership with Leo Africa Institute

The Africa Leadership Initiative – East Africa (ALI-EA) & LéO Africa Institute signed a MoU establishing an operational framework for strengthening the strategic partnership to support programs designed for the growth of emerging young leaders.


Resnick Aspen Action Forum

Each summer, the Resnick Aspen Action Forum (RAAF) offers the opportunity to come together...



The regional organizations – ALI-EA, ALI-SA, and ALI-WA – are increasingly articulating the need for a wide-ranging Pan-African perspective on common issues facing the continent, coalescing around a biannual gathering, the Africa Impact Forum (AIF).



Fellows join the program having demonstrated a great deal of personal success and leave it inspired to make a greater mark on their communities and the world. Fellows are provided a forum for deep introspection and probing dialogue where they can learn, collaborate, and support one another. During the seminars, each Fellow identifies and begins a personal leadership project reflecting his/her passions with support from a cohort of trusted peers. These projects mark the beginning of each Fellow’s commitment to action and their impact on their communities and the East African region in general. This action and impact are the defining characteristics of an ALI-EA Fellow.

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The Aspen Global Leadership Network community will meet this year in Aspen, Colorado...


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