Our Story

It is well known that Africa continues to face social and economic challenges. It is also evident that the unfortunate trend can only be reversed through enlightened African leaders, who are eager to address and solve our continental issues, through strong values and unwavering integrity.

Since our inception, ALI has served as a Pan-African initiative with a strong view that Africa’s future lies in the investment and development of effective, values-based, and enlightened African leaders.

As the Africa Leadership Initiative, it is our clear-cut objective to develop the next generation of value-based African leaders. These leaders will not only impart knowledge and share opinions but also guide and lead their countries with integrity.

Our mission has not been an easy one, but through our program, we have been able to empower a number of leaders who are now shaping the continent in a positive light.

ALI forms part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN). This network was established worldwide in collaboration with the Aspen Institute and consists of other leadership initiatives similar to ALI.

The Africa Leadership Initiative also spans Africa. Founded in 2001 by four Henry Crown Fellows, ALI is a collaborative venture of the Institute, the Databank Foundation (Ghana), Infotech Investments (Tanzania), LEAP Africa (Nigeria), the Letsema Foundation (South Africa), and CETA Construction and Services (Mozambique). The initiative has three distinct programs in West Africa, East Africa, and South Africa, as well as a program in Mozambique.

Ken Ofori-Atta, Ali Mufuruki, and Isaac Shongwe were the respective drivers of these regional initiatives.