The Africa Impact Forum (AIF)

Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

The regional organizations – ALI-EA, ALI-SA, and ALI-WA – are increasingly articulating the need for a wide-ranging Pan-African perspective on common issues facing the continent, coalescing around a biannual gathering, the Africa Impact Forum (AIF). The AIF brings together ALI fellows from across the continent seeking to reconnect within an inclusive and supportive environment. The AIF is designed to strengthen the network across the continent and explore areas where fellows can collaborate and act together.  The first AIF (themed ‘The Great African Reset’) was hosted in Cape Town in 2018.  The second (‘Building to Last’) took place in Accra, Ghana in February 2020. Each brought together over 100 Fellows from the continent and around the world. The next AIF is set to be hosted at Kigali Serena, in Kigali, Rwanda from May 4 - 7, 2023.  Registration is open. Kindly register and pay here to book your spot.