The ALI-EA Fellowship

Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

We believe that if Africa is to reclaim its former glory, our leaders need to be continually developed, and enlightened to address the many challenges of Africa with integrity and courage. We see the ALI – EA Fellowship program as the starting point of this journey. The ALI-EA Fellowship program provides a unique blend of seminars, designed to broaden the perspectives of the participants, and develop value-based, community-spirited leaders. We pull together leaders from various sectors of influence such as business, government, and civil society. We then provide a safe environment for these leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue, about their respective responsibilities. As part of our vision, we want each fellow to create a positive social change in the community, country, and region where s/he lives. The idea is to spur the leaders ‘from thought to action’ by encouraging and requiring the fellows to implement sustainable individual community projects of their own. Our Fellows attend four seminars (within six days) over a period of 2 years. They also have to commit to carrying out a high-impact Leadership Project of their own choosing — vetted and approved by their peers. In short, the program is designed to capture the energy, resolve, and talent of an emerging generation of African leaders. We seek to inspire them so they can move from ‘success to significance’. We also want to create a continental community of like-minded people who are driven beyond their own personal success to achieve global significance.