Through creating a network of leaders committed to moving from success to significance by proactively confronting societal challenges, individually and collectively.

The Africa Leadership Initiative - East African Fellowship is based on the Aspen Institute model.

The Aspen Institute starts from an act of faith in the humanistic tradition: one must be reflective to ensure that all human activity—political, scientific, economic, intellectual, or artistic— will serve the needs of human beings and enrich and deepen their lives. The Institute believes in the value of both the "Great Ideas" of the past as well as the importance of the sometimes inelegant and highly controversial ideas of the present. The Institute is dedicated to the fundamental educational value of dialogue for mature men and women from different nations and cultures -- intercommunications between people of comparable competence from various backgrounds and specialized fields of experience. The Aspen idea recognizes that the processes by which persons learn and develop or change their ideas are not mechanical or even purely rational. As there is a mystery at the edge of human thought, so there is a magic about human relationships, and the magic we attempt to invoke in Aspen is that of the sheer beauty of this area of the Rocky Mountains. With Erasmus, we hold that "nothing human is alien" to the inquiring purposes of the Aspen Institute. The Institute intends to be, in sum, a place of excellence and excitement where men and women of the finest qualities of mind and spirit from all walks of life in the United States and abroad can meet to learn from one another through serious discussion of and work on significant problems facing society and the greatest ideas which have been expressed throughout history and today concerning these problems.

—J. E. Slater, President, The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1972

ALI-EA brings together a group of leaders from a wide variety of fields. A group of proven leaders in their fields who are high-integrity, entrepreneurial and whose focus on and success in external accomplishment has led them to a point of inflection. A point where they find themselves asking “what more can be done?”.

These fellows take part in seminars that are time-tested and moderated by skilled individuals trained by the Aspen Institute.

Our Mission

Through investing in systems that foster the emergence of the next generation of African leaders in business, politics, and civil society who are effective, values-driven, and enlightened through knowledge.

Our Vision

A critical mass of next generation leaders who are values-driven, effective, and enlightened.