Inspired by the Aspen Institute's philosophy, the Africa Leadership Initiative - East Africa (ALI-EA) is anchored in humanistic ideals. We believe in dialogues that enrich lives, blending timeless wisdom with contemporary ideas. In essence, we're a place where brilliant minds engage in meaningful conversations to address pressing societal challenges.

ALI-EA brings together a group of leaders from a wide variety of fields. A group of proven leaders in their fields who are high-integrity, entrepreneurial and whose focus on and success in external accomplishment has led them to a point of inflection. A point where they find themselves asking “what more can be done?”.

Our Mission

Through investing in systems that foster the emergence of the next generation of African leaders in business, politics, and civil society who are effective, values-driven, and enlightened through knowledge.

Our Vision

A critical mass of next generation leaders who are values-driven, effective, and enlightened.